Why You Should Send More Snail Mail To Your Loved Ones

Sending Letters To Loved Ones In Nursing HomesMost people write emails almost daily. Sometimes they write like robots. They also receive as many emails that they read while thinking about something else – a bunch of words that mean almost nothing. What a celebration it was when you used to receive a letter! You remember sipping every word, reading it slowly, once, twice and even for the third time, ecstatic. While reading it, you were already thinking of writing the response letter. But there was no hurry, like now, when you instantly reply to an SMS. You used to let a few days pass. This time was magnificent, yes, magnificent, because you were already writing. In your mind. With the soul.

Here are some reasons why you should still write regular letters:

  • You have the chance to sort your thoughts and write more coherently and correctly. Even if you are a bit clumsy, making the effort to write a letter makes you more attentive and friendly, and surely a loved one will be impressed.
  • It is a small gesture, but very different from all those virtual messages we are used to these days
  • A letter is a memory that can be kept in that special drawer
  • In front of a letter, you reveal yourself gradually, in a sincere and vulnerable way
  • Although the letter might seem naive, outdated in this world we live in, it represents an original and unique gesture through calligraphy and creativity in your approach, in conveying a message.  It is especially well received from those living in nursing homes in Tyler TX and other places.