Why Seniors Make Great Mentors For Young People

Seniors Make Great MentorsIt`s not always the case, but seniors can be good mentors for young people. Although it may sound mercantile, life experiences as well as personal or professional accumulations matter, and, when they generate good examples, it is good to preserve them, follow them, transform them or exploit them for good reasons. The progress of some people could become the foundation for the progress of those who follow them, and young people do need models to grow harmoniously.

Unfortunately, in many cases seniors are considered mentors by default, which does not ensure good relations between them and young people. A mentor needs “disciples” eager to learn, develop and implement the advice, recommendations and suggestions they receive. This is not possible without admiration, trust and good chemistry and compatibility between the two parties. Mentors often seek to discover the appetite for learning in young people, their curiosity, perseverance and tenacity; in no way they should become subjective and egotistic, using age as an excuse to impose things and satisfy their ego.

Seniors at The Parks Senior Living center can be wonderful mentors too if they have wisdom, gentleness, and the desire to offer their example and knowledge unconditionally, without implying the idea of ​​their mandatory utility as mentors.