Why Puzzles Are Good For Your Brain

Doing Puzzles While Waitingf Skilled Nursing CenterPuzzles are great for children’s brains, helping them develop both cognitive and physical skills, but they are great for adults, too. First of all, puzzles help you exercise both sides of your brain.

The human brain has two hemispheres, each having its own special role in mental activities. Thus, the left side is involved with logical and analytical thinking, whereas the right side of the brain is involved with the creative part. Puzzles require both logic and imagination, so your entire brain benefits from this great activity.

Quite obviously, puzzles help you develop your problem-solving skills. Puzzles teach us how to function by trial and error, how to formulate hypotheses and to change direction in case of need.

Strengthening the connections between brain cells, puzzles help us improve our memory. When working on a puzzle, we try to visualize where the pieces might fit in, also remembering shapes, colors and sizes.

Because they involve the action of putting things in the right place, puzzles help you improve spatial reasoning, which is another way of saying they help you improve your driving skills.  The wonderful skilled nursing facility Odessa TX offers highly recommend this type of activity for their patients.
Another great thing that puzzle do is making us feel better. Thus, they increase our level of dopamine production, which greatly improves our mood.