When Do I know It’s time?

This is perhaps the hardest issue to deal with–talking to your parents or loved ones about when it is time to get some help. It is important to stay in their lives no matter what their decision may be and to make sure they get the attention they need. Not everyone is 100 percent on board to get help, but it is a part of life, and it cannot be ignored. The sooner you act the better. If you are noticing any of the following behaviors, it may be time to consider moving your parents to one of our SMRS┬áretirement communities.

  • Wearing dirty clothing
  • Difficulty maintaining personal hygiene
  • Frequent visits to the emergency room
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unable to react to danger
  • Loss of interest in social activities
  • Getting lost or wandering off
  • Increase in accidents and/or more bruises
  • Forgetting to take medication or not taking it as directed
  • Difficulty preparing or consuming their own food
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