What Type Of Family Caregiver Are You?

Family Care Giver And Skilled Nursing OptionsPeople are different and, as such, each one is a different type of family caregiver.

According to data from National Council on Aging, National Alliance for Caregiving and MetLife Mature Market Institute, family caregivers (who take care of a spouse or an elderly parent) are 60% women and 40% men. Regardless their gender, nearly 10% are seniors themselves, while the average age is around 50 and they spend an average of 25 hours a week providing care.

We can identify many types of family caregivers

The adult working children

They are still largely expected to care for their aging parents, even if they have their own life and some have their own families. Not in all cases parents also move in with them, but these adult children also provide care by paying at least a part of the senior assisted living costs for their parents, and trips to the skilled nursing facility Abilene TX centers.

Partner caregivers

Statistics show that one in 10 family caregivers care for their life partner. They are typically over 70 years old and most of their spouses have Alzheimer’s disease or a form of heart disease.

Caregivers who live far away

Although more family caregivers live nearby their loved one, there are also situations when they provide care from farther away. 15% of family caregivers live 450 miles away and they are mostly men.