What Different Generations of People Can Learn From Each Other

You Can Learn Alot From Older Generations A Senior CommunitiesEach generation has something valuable to share with the other. The Baby Boomers learned how to raise a family in difficult economic conditions and how to create a sustainable nest egg for the future. Generation Z were practically born with a smartphone in their hand and are very tech savvy.


So, what can different generations learn from each other?


  1. Life Skills

What some people take for granted, other struggled to achieve and keep. In an extraordinary and unforeseeable situation, the former would be crippled, while the others would cope. The older generation has so many useful life hacks to teach – we should listen to them while they are still around.


  1. Using Modern Tech

The laptop, smartphone, or the Bitcoin are difficult to grasp by older people. But, if they knew how to use them and get the most of them, their life would be better and easier. The youngest generation needs just a little patience – old people are only slower, not less smart and able to learn.


  1. Appreciating Every Moment in Life

Older people went through war and a crippling economic crisis. They lost friends, family and homes. But they still found joy in living and the will to move forward. Younger people can learn from them how to see life as a precious gift and enjoy every day to the full.

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