What Are Virtual Pets In Senior Living Communities?

Virtual Pets Provide Comfort To Seniors In Nursing HomesMany people who live in senior living communities and nursing homes in Tyler TX miss having a pet, a beloved life companion. Unfortunately not all facilities allow people to bring their pets in. However, the technological advancements make possible now to have a virtual pet.

It may sound sci-fi, but a virtual pet is actually able to offer comfort, entertainment and precious help to its owner.

A virtual companion is provided through a personal tablet, and comes in the form of an avatar – an animated animal that the owner can name and interact with, all day long. The avatar is controlled by a real human caregiver, which makes it able to talk and provide emotional support through meaningful conversations. It can also share media content uploaded by loved ones on a dedicated family portal.

But why a pet avatar instead of the image of a person? Well, it is easier this way for caregivers to develop lighthearted relationships with seniors. The image of a pet is playful, relaxing and less confusing, especially in some circumstances.

Besides all these advantages, a digital pet also reminds its owner when to take medication and can even send for help in the event of a fall.