What Are Mantras and How to Create One That Works For You

Mantras Senior Living That Inspire Motivate ImproveA mantra is a short sentence that expresses your deepest beliefs or ideals. It should be the most sincere and personal thing defining you and your path in life. When you have a mantra, you become more focused towards becoming the person you want to be.


That sounds great, doesn’t it? So, how do you create your own mantra? Here are a few helpful tips:


  1. Think of Your Strongest Long Term Wish

Who do you want to be, above all? Do you want to be someone successful and admired? Do you have to be at the center of a large and happy family? Do you want to be a wanderer exploring the entire world? Whatever it is, it must not be a whim or a short term goal. It must be something that is true for you now and in 10 or 20 years from now even if your are a resident enjoying senior living Abilene communities.


  1. Turn Your Wish into an Actionable Plan

How do you want to reach your goal? Through hard work? By trusting your instincts? By striving to change who you are now? Every reachable goal has an action plan – a set of steps you must go through to achieve it.


  1. Put Your Plans in Words

Reduce your action plan to a few simple and memorable words. It can be as simple as “I believe in myself” or “I am strong enough to succeed”. Whatever it is, you must be able to remember your mantra at any moment, even if someone just woke you up to say it.