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  • Chess And Other Games Of Strategy That Keep The Mind Active - January 16, 2020 - Strategic games involve intense intellectual activity and are by far the favorites of seniors. Practicing them improves the IQ, perspective thinking, as well as math skills. Besides, the relaxation generated by these exercises for the brain determines the development of the ability to concentrate in critical situations, which can be a real benefit when you… ...Read More
  • Sports That Are Popular With Seniors - January 14, 2020 - Always in shape, physically and mentally - we all want to stay that way, even at old age, and enjoy our life for as long as possible. But those who want to stay fit and maintain their strength and endurance need to train regularly. Climbing stairs becomes more and more difficult as you get older.… ...Read More
  • Fun Things Seniors Can Do In Texas This Winter - January 13, 2020 - Summer in Texas is unbearably hot and most people complain about it, but winters here are mild and great for different activities for seniors, especially the residents in nursing homes in Amarillo TX who get out for fresh air and fun. Here are a few fun things to do to put on your list. Go… ...Read More
  • How Much Screen Time Is Too Much Screen Time? - January 10, 2020 - The hours spent in front of the computer not only affect our eyesight, but the whole body. When this happens, it is clear that you spend too much time in front of a screen and that you have to change your lifestyle a little. Japanese researchers conducted a recent study and concluded that it only… ...Read More
  • Tips For Getting Over The Post Holiday Slump - January 9, 2020 - It seems that the post holiday slump is inevitable; it is a kind of necessary evil that you must go through and overcome. Post holiday slump is a phenomenon that is claimed by over 60% of people, after the special Christmas and New Year period. It is actually considered normal to feel a little tired… ...Read More
  • How to stick with your New Years Resolution - January 7, 2020 - The idea that New Year's resolutions cannot be respected because they create too much pressure is wrong. Here is a list of psychological tricks to help you avoiding disappointments in the New Year. Start on a Monday The beginning of a new year deceives us to see ourselves in a bigger picture. In general, people… ...Read More
  • Exercise Keeps the Body and Mind Active - December 31, 2019 - Regular exercise is known to be great not only for the body and for maintaining and improving general health, but also for the mind, keeping it active and engaged and for the soul, keeping it relaxed and positive. Taking up exercise comes with no age limit – whatever your age and level of health or… ...Read More
  • Tips for Helping You Reach Your Goals Each Day - December 30, 2019 - For many elderly people, retirement is a period of despair, feelings of distress becoming stronger as activity levels drop. However, there are lots of other seniors who consider retirement to be a period to achieve goals for which there was no time and energy before and that is the positive attitude that has beneficial effects… ...Read More
  • Enrichment Events at the Assisted Living Facility You Don’t Want to Miss - December 27, 2019 - Living an active life and staying engaged with the community that one belongs to is essential at any age, old age included, and senior living facilities offer lots of possibilities for doing so in the form of enrichment events. Here are some examples of events that are very popular among seniors: Arts and crafts workshops… ...Read More
  • Great Trivia Questions for Seniors - December 25, 2019 - Many seniors find trivia quizzes and trivia games entertaining and stimulating and indeed, these games have scientifically proven beneficial effects for the brain and the mood as well. Here are some great ones to try: Collect the names of items and products that were widely used and popular three or four decades ago, such as… ...Read More

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