Tips To Maintain an Active Social Life in a Senior Living Community

Senior Community Social Living Giving VolunteeringMoving into a senior living community may feel like stepping into an unknown world. But once you managed to settle in, you should not become a recluse, reminiscing about your old life.


Your new social life can be just as exciting in a senior living community. Here are some ideas to start building a new group of friends:


  1. Join Clubs and Activity Groups

Senior communities have lots of clubs to keep the residents engage, such as: chess club, Scrabble groups, poetry reading group, etc. Once you find groups for your hobbies, you will also finds lots of new friends of your age who enjoy the same games and activities.


After a time, you will also find new ways to spend a good time with your new friends, such as walking and watching your favorite TV series.


  1. Volunteer

Some senior living communities encourage their residents to join volunteer groups and charities. This will also give you the opportunity to go out of the community space and meet other people in volunteer centers.


  1. Come Up with Activity Ideas

When none of the social activities fits your tastes, speak up and say what you have in mind. Maybe there are many others who really wanted to try that activity, but never felt comfortable putting forward the idea.


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