Tips on Summer Self-Care for Seniors

Assisted Living Centers And Getting Out Enjoying Summer Summertime comes with more daylight, with weather that invites everyone to spend more time outside, even if you are at an assisted living Tyler TX has, and with better mood, too. However, more activity also means that we need to take more care of ourselves, so here are some summer self-care tips for seniors:

  • Pay attention to hydration – to be able to make the most of great summer weather, you need to pay attention to the challenges posed by the high temperatures associated with the season. The best way to ensure proper hydration is to carry a bottle of water, fruit juice or tea with you wherever you go;
  • Pay attention to your diet – summer also comes with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to stay away from heavy, difficult-to-digest meals and include plenty of greens and fresh fruit into your diet – eating only light, low-fat and low-salt meals will make it easier for you to endure the heat, too;
  • Use sunscreen – the sun’s rays can be harsh on your skin even when they don’t seem to be very strong, so always apply sunscreen on your face, neck and arms before you leave the house;
  • Time your outings – try to stay indoors when it is very hot outside. Schedule any shopping or walking for early morning or for late afternoon to avoid the heat.