Tips For Volunteering With Seniors

Tips To Volunteer Time Working With SeniorsThere are many programs created for seniors who, even if they are not seriously ill, suffer from the worst and most undesirable “affection”: loneliness. In this respect, the support provided by volunteers is the main resource involved in the implementation of these programs.

What qualities/ skills do you need to volunteer with seniors?

To build quality relationships with a lasting impact, you need to be open, sociable and easily adaptable, manifest patience, willingness to listen and have a good sense of responsibility. You must also have a strong motivation to work with seniors; the motivation can be personal, coming from civic or community spirit. You must also be ready for a lasting engagement and respect the values ​​promoted through the program. As about time availability, you must be ready to offer a certain number of hours per week from your time (in the case of regular volunteering) or be available occasionally, when you can.

Activities you can involve in include:

  • Social activities – conversations and social contact – discussions on topics of common interest, reading of the press, individual reading sessions etc.
  • Training of beneficiaries in leisure activities, in occupational hobby activities at home or in the community
  • Practical support at home – shopping, bill payment, facilitation of outdoor activities (park walks, entertainment shows, cultural activities etc.), help in attending various locations.  Find volunteer opportunities at places such as, and others within the community.