Tips for Throwing a Memorable Retirement Party

Retirement While At Assisted LivingThrowing a stylish retirement party even if you are at an assisted living Amarillo community, it is a great way to leave your workplace and to celebrate the accomplishments of a lifetime of work. Here are some tips and ideas to make it memorable:

  • Pick a theme for the party – try to find something that matches your personality and is relevant for your guests, too. If you have great plans for your retirement years, such as moving to the seaside or fishing a lot, you can theme the party around those plans;
  • Pick the right music – party songs that are not melancholic, but not too energetic either are the best. With Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and other world-classics you cannot go wrong, but you will probably have younger guests, so add some more recent songs as well;
  • Have a guest book or a book of memories – allow your guests to express their appreciation in their own way (if they want to) by providing a book in which they can write a few kind words or in which they can add pictures. The book will surely be one of your most cherished work-related memorabilia;
  • Serve delicious food – the snack or meals served don’t need to be too fancy, but they surely need to be delicious.