Tips for Talking with Your Parents About Moving into Senior Living

Respite Care Can Give You A Break As CaretakerHaving the conversation about moving your elderly loved one to a senior living facility is probably the hardest conversation that you will ever have with your aging relative – no one, whether young or old, feels comfortable being forced to move to an unknown place and many elderly people perceive the process as one of abandonment, isolation and disappointment. However, if your circumstances do not permit you to take care of your old family member or if the elderly person’s health requires professional care, the talk is inevitable. Here are some tips to make the conversation less painful for everyone involved:

  • Do your homework before initiating the talk – find out as much as you can about senior living options and prepare a list with the pros that could make the transition easier for your aging relative;
  • Present the available options and, if possible, involve your relative into the decision-making process;
  • Stay calm – if you manage to keep calm, it will calm your interlocutor, too;
  • Talk about how important your relative is to you – you might think that it is obvious, but it is important for elderly people to hear that they are an important member of the family, someone who is loved very much.  You may even want to consider respite care Tyler centers to help care for your loved ones, to provide you some time to do for yourself and gain back some energy.