Tips for Maintaining Great Posture as You Age

Skilled Nursing Training Great PostureMaintaining good posture at any age is important not only for a youthful appearance, but for general health as well. With age, however, also comes the difficulty of tensing and flexing muscles, which also means that good posture is more difficult to keep. If you want to make sure that your muscles stay fit for as long as possible and your proud, erect posture is something you are noticed for, here are some tips for you:

  • Stretch a couple of times throughout the day as a good skilled nursing facility Amarillo TX will tell you – whatever you are doing, especially if you are involved in an activity that requires you to stay hunched, stop every couple of hours and stretch your limbs. Lean forward, stretch your arms upwards, turn your torso to the left and right a couple of times, these easy movements will get your muscles and your spines moving;
  • Pay attention to the way you sit – get an ergonomic chair and make sure your back is straight all the time while you are seated;
  • Strengthen your core muscles – simple pilates or yoga exercises done every day are the best way to improve your posture by training the muscles in your back and in your abdomen;
  • Make correct posture a habit – in the beginning, you will have to pay attention to how you sit, stand and walk, but as you get used to the correct position, it will become a habit that you will not even notice.