Tips For Getting Your Senior Parent To Play Card Games

Playing Cards In Winter Wesley Senior LivingPlaying games is both stress-free and stimulating for seniors at places like  Wesley Court Senior Living and seniors at home alike. Through this activity, people of all ages can nurture their imagination, creativity, problem solving skills and enjoy some fun and entertainment. A simple card game can contribute to increasing optimism, releasing stress and build better connections with the people around us.

Getting your senior parents to play card games shouldn’t be too hard, considering that most people of this age enjoy card and table games in general, but if they are not used to playing, maybe they need a little push from you. In this context, it would be good to talk to them about the real benefits of playing games. Recent studies show that people over the age of 70 who regularly play board games, including card games, get higher scores on memory tests and cognitive skills. Table, card and word games can protect people from cognitive decline, while also being fun and inexpensive.

Card games are also a good pretext for seniors to invite their friends and spend some nice time together, because they have these intrinsic socializing elements that involve actively employing skills such as memory, problem solving and reasoning. Card games require making strategies and choices that keep the brain active.