Therapeutic Recreation Activities

Senior Living Communities Therapeutic ActivitiesThe ancient Romans had a saying: a healthy mind in a health body. As you age, both your body and mind start losing their pristine qualities and need to be stimulated with therapeutic activities.


We have several suggestions for you that are both therapeutic and recreational:


  1. Gardening

A lot of people take up gardening even if they don’t have a garden. They tend to potted plants and flowers and it helps them stay physically fit and find peace of mind. If you have even a little bit of free land around your house, you are lucky.


Tending to your garden will help you express your creativity, make you feel proud when you see your plants flowering and will keep you active. Bending over to mulch the earth, prune the plants and pluck weeds equals going to the gym for an elderly person.


  1. Baking

Working on the dough for cookies has therapeutic benefits. The joints in your hands and fingers will get enough exercise and the repeated movement is soothing and encourages the mind to relax.


In the end, the aroma of freshly baked homemade cookies will be a supplementary reward to make you feel goof about yourself.


  1. Solving Puzzles/Crosswords

Any game that involves solving a mystery, putting together a puzzle or filling in crosswords is a great therapeutic activity for your brain. Some video games called hidden object games will challenge both your mind and your visual acuity in finding cleverly hidden items in a scene and then using them to solve the mystery.

You will find that senior communities like those found here make these type of activities available for their residents to enjoy.