The Benefits of Journaling for Seniors

Reading Journaling Assisted Living CenterSocrates thought us that unexplored life is not worth living, but who has time to think deeply anymore, in a world where Facebook and Netflix exist?

Seniors tend to feel more acutely that life is becoming frantic and superficial. In their case, a journal can help them see things in perspective, especially for the seniors in assisted living Amarillo communities who tend to have more time on their hands.

The biggest benefit of a journal is that it helps you clear your thoughts. Journalists and writers know this from experience: writing is not just a way to capture the thoughts that go through your mind. Ideas are formed and crystallized when they are put on paper.

In addition, the therapeutic benefits of keeping a journal are well documented. Studies show that “creative writing”, i.e. the transcription of thoughts and emotions, reduces stress and makes people healthier and happier.

Health problems can also be noted in the journal, to be better documented over the time. For seniors, this might be a good way to keep track of their blood pressure levels and other symptoms that may prove to be significant. The benefits of written expression have been demonstrated for both mental and physical health. There are several studies, conducted in the last 20 years that have demonstrated the positive effects people can enjoy when they write about traumatic or stressful events.