Taking Care Of Your Oral Health As You Age

Senior Living Oral HealthThe result of several studies shows that good dental hygiene can prolong life by more than 10 years. Additional methods of oral hygiene (mouth washing, dental flossing, interdental brushing) reduce the risk of infection by up to 80%. In these circumstances, there is no good reason to neglect oral health as you age.  Places such as Wesley Court Senior Living encourage their residents to keep up with their oral and physical health as much as possible.

What oral health issues are specific to seniors?

Even if you brush and clean your teeth regularly, you may not be fully protected from problems specific to old age. Generally, the oral health of the seniors is affected by dental prosthetic wear, medication, and general health problems. Fortunately, your dentist and your doctor can help you get through most of these issues.

Dental caries on the root surfaces, dental sensitivity and dry mouth syndrome are more common in seniors than in younger people.

Dental prostheses can make seniors` life easier, but they require special care. The dentist’s instructions must be followed carefully and the senior patient must not hesitate to contact their doctor if they experience any problems. For long-term denture wearers, an annual check is recommended, to detect any gum disease. Early detection is important because the first stage processes are reversible. That`s what routine dental checks do: they guarantee early detection and, implicitly, they ensure starting the treatment on time.