Staying Cool During The Summer For Seniors

senior living near me staying cool drinking waterAge is a factor that can determine the body’s ability to adapt to heat. When it comes to seniors, there is a decrease in sweating, blood circulation in the skin is lower and with a reduced response in case of heating. Also, the cardiovascular response to heat is attenuated, with reduced cardiac output and redistribution of blood flow during heat exposure. Systolic blood pressure decreases with increasing outdoor temperature, especially as the outdoor temperature is higher. Outdoor temperature and blood pressure are correlated in seniors, especially in those over 80.

During the summer, blood pressure and antihypertensive treatment should be closely monitored. The presence of some diseases can also influence the body`s adaptation to heat: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, endocrine and neurological diseases. Medication for various conditions can also reduce the effectiveness of thermoregulation.

Obviously, seniors are more vulnerable to heat and it is important to find ways to stay cool during the summer.  The Tyler senior living near me communities advise their residents to get out early morning or in the evening hours to stay out of the heat.

What can be done to prevent hyperthermia?

  • Avoiding prolonged exposure to high temperatures and UV radiation
  • Spending time in temperature-controlled spaces
  • Taking warm showers
  • Avoiding physical effort; it is recommended to go out only early in the morning or in the evening
  • Constant hydration, but no cold drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks or very sweet drinks
  • Seniors who are prone to dehydration and have a diminished temperature perception must be closely monitored.