St. Patrick’s Day for Seniors

Nursing Home Senior Communities St Patrick Day CelebrationsMarch 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, a popular celebration coming from Ireland. It is the day when everyone wears green, carries shamrock symbols and enjoys a pint of Guinness in honor of St. Patrick.


While seniors should not over exert themselves especially those in nursing homes in Odessa TX and other senior communities, here are some very interesting ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:


  1. Bake Something Green

With a bit of green food coloring, the regular home made cookies become a celebratory item to be enjoyed at the St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Participants should be encouraged to try all cookies and give a small prize to the one who baked the tastiest batch.


  1. Watch St. Patrick Related Movies

St. Patrick was a real person, who encouraged the Irish people to embrace the Christian religion. As such, several movies were made after his life. After enjoying food and drinks in his honor, it would be great to learn something about him.


  1. Create a Pot of Gold Hunt

In Irish traditions, leprechauns are diminutive magical creatures who jealously guard their pot of gold. Many St. Partrick’s Day celebrations involve hiding treats and inviting the guest to discover them (similar to the Easter egg hunt). If the weather is nice, you can host the pot of gold hunt outside, but as you know, March can be a capricious month, so make sure you have a B plan in place.