Sports That Are Popular With Seniors

Respite Care Seniors Exercise ProgramsAlways in shape, physically and mentally – we all want to stay that way, even at old age, and enjoy our life for as long as possible. But those who want to stay fit and maintain their strength and endurance need to train regularly. Climbing stairs becomes more and more difficult as you get older. The shopping bag is getting harder to carry. If you wish to prevent these situations, you should practice sports or exercise at least twice a week.  The respite care Abilene centers offer for your loved ones also promotes exercise as a part of your daily routines.

Sports that are popular with seniors are light sports such as table tennis, mini-football and badminton, which allow them to take their dose of energy, competition and human interaction. Seniors also love endurance exercises, such as walking, hiking or cycling.

These sports contribute to maintaining health and have various specific roles:

  • Muscle toning – they strengthen the muscles, control body weight, rehabilitate musculoskeletal disorders and improve physical and mental performance in daily life.
  • Cardiovascular endurance – they have positive effects on all functional systems of the body and prevent heart disease.
  • Coordination – they improve the interaction of the central nervous system with muscles and bones.

The goal of practicing a sport even as you get older is to restore, maintain and improve the health of the whole body.