Questions You Might Have About Nursing Homes

Questoins You Might Have

The number of nursing homes in the US is about 16,000; almost 1,5 million of citizens benefit from their services. Nursing homes are owned by either for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations or the government.

If you consider transferring a loved one to a nursing home, there are surely many questions rising in your mind.

What level of care should you expect from such a facility?

There are government guidelines that define this aspect: 24-hour access to professional nursing staff, as well as medical treatments supervised by physicians. The Nursing homes in Tyler TX and other places must also be committed to maintain the well-being of each resident, in every way of speaking: physical, psychological etc.

Will a person lose their independence when they are transferred into a nursing home?

It depends on their health level. Good nursing homes are typically supportive, not restrictive and encourage the independence of the residents. Many of them offer occupational therapy, speech and language therapy etc. Residents are also allowed to spend days with family and friends and even go on holiday, if they are up to.

What kind of facilities exists in a nursing home?

There are rooms with one or more beds, TV, home, chapels, sitting rooms, family rooms, as well as gardens.