Popular Presents To Buy Your Grandkids

Gift Ideas For Grandchildren For Senior Living ResidentsAll children want gadgets, toys, clothes and more. Some grandparents, just like many parents, fall into the trap of buying too many gifts. Some may do so because they have not had so much during their childhood and wish their grandchildren would not suffer as they did. Alas, others make up for their mistakes with presents, or, more often, use gifts as a form of currency.

Don’t do that! Better buy something that your grandkid truly needs, or something that attract their interest (something, but not everything!). We offer you some suggestions of popular and highly appreciated gifts.

Earth Globe/ Atlas

An earth globe should not be missing from any child’s room. You can opt for a smart globe or atlas which allows kids to explore through entertaining learning activities and games.  The nice thing about this type of gift, is that residents like those at Meadow Lake Senior Living centers can order them online for delivery directly to their grandchildren’s home.


Obviously, sportswear must be chosen according to the sport your grandkid enjoys, be it a soccer suit, a tennis racket or a gymnastics leotard.


Creative sets are very attractive to children, putting their imagination and creativity to the test, as well as their patience and ability to concentrate.


Games guarantee lots of fun as well as very nice memories. Free time can now be more entertaining with quality board games that the child can play with friends or family members.