Overcoming Boredom As A Senior

Mind And Physical Rehabilitation For SeniorsGerman psychologist Theodor Lipps proposed one of the earliest definitions of boredom, in 1903; for him, it was a feeling of dissatisfaction, originating from an inner conflict. The person feels the need for intense mental activity but lacks the incitement or the capacity to be incited.

Many seniors age without feeling responsible for their lives. They tend to believe that everything is due to them, because they have a respectable age, including being entertained by others. Unfortunately, this attitude is not the best because it generates frustration and inevitably leads to boredom. People who do not know what to do with their lives get bored. This is why it is very important to not live as if old age does not exist, but to prepare for it, learning to know yourself, living with yourself and cultivating your interests in things you can do even when you get old.

First of all, it’s about hobbies. Seniors have the opportunity to practice hobbies they did not have time for until now. Also, travel agencies have introduced the concept of tourism for seniors since a long time now, which is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy life, along with other people of your age, to make new acquaintances and maybe friends. Do not forget about sports and exercise that are beneficial at any age and keeps you from going to one of the physical rehabilitation centers in your area.

And it’s not just about hobbies… To avoid boredom, seniors can make sense of their existence by volunteering and engaging in activities that matter to them.