Our Parents Are Living Longer

Senior Community Living LongerPeople’s life expectancy continues to grow irrespective of socio-economic factors, according to recent researchers. Our parents live longer than ever and people who survive to the age of 65 typically continue to live longer than their parents, and this is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

The analysis of the average age of death in people who have reached the age of 65, in developed countries, has shown that life expectancy increases by about three years in each generation and that this will keep on in the future.

Scientists at Stanford have tried to answer two questions: whether mankind is nearing a limit on life and which are the factors that contribute to the fact that some people live longer than others. They analyzed birth and death data of persons over the age of 65, from 1960-2010. They discovered that in people over 65 years old, the average age of death increased by about 3 years every 25 years, which means that, on average, people live about 6 years longer than their grandparents.

In addition, scientists proved that this trend has continued stably over the entire 50-year period of the study and in all the countries they have analyzed.

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