New Books That Are Perfect For Seniors

Skilled Nursing Perfect For Seniors Keep Active Enjoy ReadingEvery man must be concerned with personal culture, at any age, the culture that transforms you from Homo Sapiens into a person, part of a civilization. Of course, today, with the explosion of knowledge and broadening access to it, it is hard to be an encyclopedic spirit – like Leonardo da Vinci or other personalities of Antiquity, the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. But you can be a cultured and educated man, because these things are still important. They shape characters ad personalities, they cannot be lost because they are not material, and they contribute to your permanent becoming for as long as you live.

Seniors, perhaps more than people of other ages, are more interested in the fundamental books of universal literature, but although the confirmed classics are a perfect read, there are also great new books that will definitely enrich their existence.  It is important for seniors to get their reading time in, as well as trips to the skilled nursing facility Amarillo TX offers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These are our suggestions:

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

For some people, this might be a difficult book to read, considering its subject related to oppression, totalitarianism and religious abjections, but these kinds of books are open-minders, so they must not be avoided.

The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah

The book is a historical fiction set in the World War II, following the response of two sisters living in France to the Nazi’s invasion.

I Am Malala – Malala Yousafzai

This book is a true story and an inspiration. Malala stood up for her education, spoke up against injustice and violence, was shot by the Taliban, survived and became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever.