Most Useful & Popular Apps for Seniors

Apps For Seniors Living In Assisted Senior CommunitiesApplications are small programs to be installed on a mobile phone or tablet, which allow access to many and various services: entertainment, health, communication with loved ones etc.

Which applications are useful for seniors?

Seniors these days tend to be friendlier with technology and they need applications to keep in touch with their families, but also with friends. It does not matter if your loved ones live in the same city or at the other side of the world; there are applications to communicate through messages, calls or video. The leader in the field is Skype, which allows users to make video calls in real time, no matter where you are. A good way to keep in touch and exchange photos with loved ones is through WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger.

There are many free games that seniors enjoy: crosswords, Sudoku and many other memory or logic games. Among the most popular nowadays, we mention Candy Crush or Memory Trainer.

There are also several applications that monitor health:  weight, heart rate, sleep, sight or hearing. For example, Qalyto tracks your weight, blood pressure and daily physical activity, in order to help you boost your fitness level.

For music lovers, the available applications have an inexhaustible source of songs that can be listened anytime. From classical to country music, applications such as Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud offer people the possibility to enjoy music during every moment of their life.  Assisted living centers like have a wide range of activities set up and helps for seniors to keep up with the newest technologies.