Making a Home Out Of Your Senior Living Space

Senior Living Rehabilitation Centers Make Them Feel Like HomeMoving into a senior living facility is a painful step. You say goodbye to your home and your independence. You cannot take with you all your belongings. You end up in a strange room and you somehow have to call it home.


Here are a few simple ways to turn your senior living space into a cozy place where you will enjoy living:


  1. Arrange Framed Photos and Artwork on the Walls

A little personal touch turns an impersonal bedroom into a home. You should bring as many personal belongings with you as you can, especially family photos, paintings and other artworks you love.


Arrange them to resemble their original placements in your old room, and you will be able to trick yourself that you are still at home.


  1. Bring a Few Potted Flowers

Plants and flowers add a spark of color and life in any room. Looking after them and enjoying their view will help you get over the change and accept your new living environments as a pleasant place.


  1. Be As Independent as Possible

As far as your energy and mobility allow, look after your room. Dust the furniture and make your own bed. Tidy up your clothes and personal items. These simple chores will make you feel at home and connect with the new place you live in.  Try to get out as much as possible, get to the Amarillo physical rehabilitation centers often, and try to stay as active as you can outside of your living area.