Is Fatigue Common In Seniors?

Nursing Facilities Skilled Nursing Fatigue SeniorsFatigue is a term that refers to an overall lack of energy and feeling of tiredness. Of all the age categories, seniors are the most affected by fatigue and that`s because, inside their body, the metabolic processes take place slower than in younger people. As such, seniors experience more often concentration disorders, chronic fatigue, physical weakness, loss of appetite – all of these also translating into lower immunity.

In the case of seniors, fatigue is often confused with physical asthenia, although fatigue can also have psychological reasons, such as the depression associated with some diseases, the death of their life partner and more. On the other hand, physical asthenia is just a state of weakness in the muscles. We all lose muscle mass and elasticity as we get older.

For adults past 50 years, adopting a healthy diet is very important to fight against physical asthenia and fatigue alike, seeing to get your health checked at places like skilled nursing facility Amarillo TX is important. This can be achieved by increasing daily energy levels which quality food, which will contribute to better physical resistance, immunity, healthier nervous system, but also to better management of chronic health problems.

The prevalence of sleep disorders may also increase with age. Seniors typically experience significant changes in the quality and quantity of their sleep, which has various causes and also contributes to the occurrence of chronic fatigue.