How to Tell If the Season Change Is Affecting Your Mood

Seasonal Depression For Those At Senior Living Centers Tips To AvoidAs summer gives way to autumn, many of us feel sad. And what we mean is SAD, that is, suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Many of us are unaware that we suffer from this condition, and that the season change has such an impact on our lives.  There are many at the Meadow Lake Senior Living center as well as other senior living facilities that experience these seasonal mood swings.


Here are a few common signs and symptoms of SAD:


  1. Low Energy Levels

Every morning you lie in bed dreading all the work and chores you have to complete over the day. Although you had a good sleep, you feel drained and incapable of facing your entire workload.


  1. A Plummeting Mood

You seem to find no reasons to smile, relax, have fun and keep a positive mindset. Everything seems painted in black. You worry about every little thing and get disproportionately annoyed at every little setback.


  1. Loss of Appetite

Even your all-time favorite dishes seem to have lost their flavors. You eat your meals without joy. You cannot finish your regular servings. In many cases, you tend to skip meals and postpone eating as much as possible.


  1. Your Sleep Patterns Change

You stay up late in the night and you have trouble waking up in the morning at the usual hour. At noon, you feel like taking a nap. Sometimes, you wake up in the middle of the night and you are unable to go back to sleep.


To counteract these symptoms of SAD, make the most of sunny days and consider taking vitamin supplements for one-two months.