How to stick with your New Years Resolution

New Year's Resolutions For Assisted Living CentersThe idea that New Year’s resolutions cannot be respected because they create too much pressure is wrong. Here is a list of psychological tricks to help you avoiding disappointments in the New Year.

Start on a Monday

The beginning of a new year deceives us to see ourselves in a bigger picture. In general, people have a greater desire to meet their goals in meaningful moments, such as the New Year’s Eve. To keep that desire, start to respect your resolutions on a Monday, because this day of the week is always perceived as a new beginning.

Take the resolutions seriously

In general, people tend to believe that good intentions are enough, but actually they are not. You also need a plan to prevent postponement. People who have a well-defined plan are more likely to stick to a predetermined goal.

Don’t build a Plan B

A Plan B will only sabotage your desire to pursue your main purpose. In a series of new studies, people who had set up a plan B dropped the main plan a lot easier. Scientists suspect that setting a plan B makes failure more acceptable.

Save your will

Your will is a great natural resource, but it is not infinite. Each time you use your will for something (e.g. refusing a glass of wine or an extra piece of cake), you will have less of it for doing other things.  For those in Odessa assisted living centers exercise little by little and do what benefits your mind as well as your soul.