How to Play Web Videos on Your TV

videos chromecast nursing homes availabilityIf you do not have a smart TV at home or one of the nicer nursing homes in Tyler TX and still want to see Internet movies and TV shows on the big screen, we present you some simple and cheap solutions that allow you to solve this problem immediately.

The first and easiest option is to get yourself an HDMI cable and connect the computer and the TV. There are all kinds of adapters that convert the video signal, and in the case of phones and tablets, you will find cables with an HDMI output jack dedicated to them.

Another fairly cheap solution is to buy a Chromecast. You can find Chromecast versions 1, 2 and 3 (Ultra). The difference between them is that the 2nd and 3rd generations also work on WiFi 5 Ghz (AC), so if you have more gadgets connected to your home WiFi router, it will help you have a better signal. In addition, Ultra allows you to watch 4K quality streaming if you have a compatible TV.

The first generation is enough to play movies at a normal quality. All you have to do is connect the dongle to the TV, to an HDMI jack, and from the Chrome browser, the program you use to watch movies on your PC (we recommend VLC 3.0), from Netflix or HBO GO applications on your phone, computer or tablet, you will send the signal to your Chromecast.