How Much Screen Time Is Too Much Screen Time?

Senior How Much Screen Time Is Too MuchThe hours spent in front of the computer not only affect our eyesight, but the whole body. When this happens, it is clear that you spend too much time in front of a screen and that you have to change your lifestyle a little.

Japanese researchers conducted a recent study and concluded that it only takes five hours a day in front of the computer for the risk of depression and insomnia to increase, but that’s not all! Using the computer at work can lead to a feeling of isolation, even if you work in a shared office, with many employees.

Too much screen time generates more than psychological effects. For example, our eyes have to suffer from the long stare at the computer monitor. The human eye is constructed so that it “prefers” to look at objects situated at least six meters away. The monitor is very close to the eye, several tens of centimeters, so this causes a greater effort of the ocular muscles. In this context, looking at the screen for a longer period of time leads to the appearance of eye fatigue. Also, the light emitted by the monitor has the same effect. As a result, too many hours in front of the computer could cause headaches, blurred vision, or the inability to focus on distant objects.

For seniors in places like, it involves a little more monitoring and encourage helping seniors to read or play games and keep active socially rather than screen time activities.