How Different Breathing Techniques Can Lead to a Shift in Your Mood

Skilled Nursing Helping Breathing Exercises And StretchesThe depth and the frequency of your breathing determines the amount of oxygen that reaches your lungs and from there into your bloodstream and it also has a direct influence on your mood. Quick and shallow breathing – the way that the modern man uses for taking in air – leads to insufficient oxygenation of the blood as well as of the brain, while deep breathing that uses the lower abdominal muscles as well, supplies the body with more oxygen and is known to promote calmness and relaxation. Here are some techniques used at skilled nursing facility Abilene TX that are easy to try and bring immediate benefits:

  • Ujayii – the name means victorious breath in Sanskrit and the method consists of equalizing the breath-in and the breath-out and introducing stops between them to set the rhythm of your thoughts and to synchronize them with your body;
  • Breathing through alternate nostrils – the method is excellent for calming racing thoughts almost instantly and for improving concentration;
  • Inhaling while pressing your belly out and exhaling with the abdomen contracted – do it as quickly as you can, you will instantly feel an improvement in your mood, in your confidence as well as in your digestion. Your energy levels will be instantly replenished as well.