Great Trivia Questions for Seniors

Fun Facts And Trivia For Seniors At Nursing FacilityMany seniors find trivia quizzes and trivia games entertaining and stimulating and indeed, these games have scientifically proven beneficial effects for the brain and the mood as well. Here are some great ones to try:

  • Collect the names of items and products that were widely used and popular three or four decades ago, such as names of toys, candies, cars, beverages or clothes brands and test how many of them your senior loved ones can still remember. Document yourself thoroughly – you can improve results if you provide clues;
  • Radio and television shows – do the same with the titles of radio and TV shows that used to be popular decades ago. You will see that your elderly loved ones will not only remember them, but they will also have great stories and memories brought back when they remember the shows;
  • Questions to test logical thinking – these ones are similar to the questions that you will find in IQ tests, only easier to solve. Questions that require some simple computing with a twist, simple, but clever riddles are also found entertaining by seniors.

Whenever you play trivia games, pay attention to creating a loving, fun atmosphere to make your seniors feel comfortable and to avoid embarrassment in case they don’t get the answers right.  Be sure to get them exercising as well and making trips to the skilled nursing facility Amarillo TX is home to, to keep their minds sharp.