Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Senior Gifts Assisted Living ChristmasThe gifts that make seniors happy are the items that enhance their comfort and relieve the pains that come naturally with the process of aging and that are personal at the same time. It is especially nice to give these type of items to those who are in assisted living Amarillo communities.  Here are some tips for gifts that fulfil one or both requirements:

  • A massage pillow – these pillows can be plugged to a power outlet and they deliver gentle and efficient massage to painful or tense body areas, such as the lower back;
  • Heated throw pillows – most elderly people suffer from poor blood circulation and feel cold all the time, so a fluffy, heated blanket makes a delightful gift;
  • A digital picture frame – these great, modern devices display digital pictures or play slideshows. Make sure to load some happy family pictures for your elderly relative;
  • Gardening tools – many seniors like gardening and are very proud of their gardens. Try to figure out whether there is a tool that they miss or could use, such as a weed puller, special gloves or pruning shears and surprise them with the tool;
  • Special cosmetics – if you know what your grandma’s favorite perfume is, get a bottle of that fragrance to make her feel really precious. Your grandpa will surely enjoy a special, elegant shaving kit.