Great Authors to Read as You Age

Read Great Authors While At Skilled Nursing CentersOur taste in clothes, foods, beverages, colors and TV shows change a lot with age and so do our reading habits. While in our youth, we prefer novels, then, in our middle-age years, many of us turn to scientific topics or autobiographies, old age also comes with very specific preferences in terms of favorite books and authors. Here are some of the writers that are preferred by seniors:

  • Classic novels – whether Romantic or Realist, most seniors who take pleasure in reading choose classics for their evening entertainment. Re-reading Leo Tolstoy, Stendhal, Balzac or Zola is something that is never boring, never out of fashion;
  • Modern fiction about a specific age – novels that present a specific period in history are written today as well;
  • Books about aging – many celebrities, singers, musicians, actors or medial personalities, choose to share their take on passing time. One of the best in the field is Diane Keaton, a world-class actress who has proved that aging gracefully is, indeed, possible – small wonder her book is so popular with all generations, young and more mature as well;
  • Books about the relationship between generations – A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is a bestseller novel and also a movie.  When visiting a skilled nursing facility Tyler TX area make sure to bring a good read while you wait.