Good Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the afflictions that can derail you from your everyday life including those at places such as The Craig Senior Living and other senior communities. It is constant, drains you of energy and prevents you from giving your best at work. Also, it can prevent you from getting enough quality sleep.


One of the ways of reducing back pain is finding good sleeping positions. Here are some of them:


  1. On the Back with a Pillow under the Knees

Sleeping on the back helps distribute your weight evenly across your upper and lower back. However, you also need to offer some support to your legs, so they do not strain the lower back (where most types of back pain are situated).


For this, you need to place a pillow under your knees, to bring them to the same level with your pelvic area. This position is great if you do not change positions during sleep.


  1. In Fetal Position

For this position, you will sleep on your side, with your knees together bent inwards towards your abdomen. This is a very relaxing sleeping position because it mimics the position of an unborn baby in the womb (hence the name of this position).


  1. On Your Side with a Pillow between Your Knees

If you don’t feel comfortable with the fetal position, try a classic sleeping position on one side, with one addition. Place a small pillow between your knees. In this way, your lower back muscles will stay relaxed all night long.