Good Posture and Aging

Strength training balance posture respite care trainingAs we age, our physical strength leaves us and this affects everything, including our posture. A lot of elderly people are slumping a little, and it makes them appear older and frailer than they are.


However, there are ways to maintain a good posture as you are aging. Here are a few helpful ideas:


  1. Always Sit Straight

Slouching while sitting down on a chair has a negative long term effect on your posture. First of all, your spine may bend out of shape. Secondly, you lose the strength in your thoracic and back muscles. Thirdly, slouching paves the way for chronic back pain.


Thus, resist the temptation to slouch while sitting. If necessary, invest in an ergonomic chair that offers optimal back support and helps you maintain a good posture.


  1. Strengthen Your Core

The core muscles help you sit straight and maintain a good posture. And you can help them stay strong for a long time with simple every day exercises. Pilates and yoga are great to keep your core strength and improve your mental wellbeing, as well.


  1. Vitamin D to the Rescue

Vitamin D is essential for strong and healthy bones. The natural way of getting vitamin D is by walking outside, in the sunshine. But you should also consider adding some supplements to your diet.  For help with your elderly loved ones look for respite care Tyler offers to assist you in taking care of them to allow you to take care of yourself as well.