Games That Keep The Aging Mind Active

Respite Care Mindfulness HelpThe brain needs sustained training, which results in active and efficient brain activity, even in spite of old age.

The cognitive decline associated with age leads to the loss of dendrites, extensions of nerve cells, which send impulses from one neuron to another. Neurobics are exercises for the brain that increase its performance, using the senses for neuronal development. These exercises are easy to follow because they are part of our daily routine and require minimal effort. For example, changing the clock on the opposite hand exceeds the brain’s reflex of looking at the usual place to read the time. In this way, you stimulate the creation of new neural pathways, conferring increased brain activity. Try changing the clock from one hand to another once a month.

You can also try to periodically change different elements of your room, try your lids with your eyes closed or even listen to music with your eyes closed while inspiring the smell of a cinnamon stick. The involvement of the different senses will stimulate your brain and develop your confidence in your powers!

Exercises for developing the imagination also keep the aging mind alive. Used proactively, imagination is a powerful tool that can have considerable benefits on our mental state. Exercises for the brain that involve the imagination can be drawing, which develops the creative part, or simply using a set of words to create a story, thus improving the brain’s ability to function.  For those taking care of loved ones, and needing a break, call on the professional respite care Odessa centers for help.