Fun Ways to Reconnect With Your Grandchildren

Fun Ways To Keep Connected With Grandkids While At Assisted Living CentersThe generational gap seems wider than ever now. Kids and teenagers are immersed in their smartphones and harder to talk than ever. They chat by text more frequently than by speech and use acronyms and jargons you don’t understand.


But there are fun ways to reconnect with your grandchildren, even in the internet age and even if you are at an assisted living Amarillo community. Here are some ideas:


  1. Teach them Something Practical

Young people are super skilled at using various smart devices, but many of them lack some basic surviving skills like growing food or reading a map. You can make the difference for them by teaching them something useful, such as how to find the north looking for moss on trees. Or you can pass on to them your tips and tricks to get the car engine going faster during a frosty winter day.


  1. Be Interested in Their Hobbies

Don’t be afraid to become a student and ask your grandchildren to help you understand how they have fun. Ask them to teach you how to create a Facebook account or how to use the smartphone for live video conversations. This will help you keep in touch with them and the rest of your relatives on a daily basis.


  1. Join the Throwback Thursday Movement

The #TBT trend means that young people share a funny moment from their past on their social media accounts each Thursday. Why don’t you do the same with your grandkids? Have them look at your photos when you were young, explaining the fashion and hairstyle of those days. Let them listen to your favorite songs from your high school days. Who knows, with the retro trend being so strong, some of those things will become fashionable again!