Fun Card Games to Play Alone

Playing Cards Assisted Living Center On a Cold DayThere are weekends when the weather is cold and rainy and all your friends are away or busy with their own plans. This is when you are most likely to get bored and feel that the time is moving too slowly.  There are also those at assisted living Amarillo centers who can’t get always get out when the weather is nice too.


To pass away the time in a pleasant manner, you should try single player card games, such as:


  1. Solitaire

This is probably the best known card game on a computer. You get it for free with Microsoft Windows operating system, but you can also play it with real cards.


The rule is simple: you arrange 6 piles of cards with the face up. The piles increase in number from 1 card to 7 cards. The rest of deck sits face down. You have to create four separate decks of cards by suit and by rank, from A to 1.


  1. Pyramid

As the name of this game says, you have to arrange 28 cards face up in a pyramid shape. The first card at the top is overlapped by the second layer of two cards and so on, until the last layer of 7 cards which are free to lift.


The object of the game is to pair 2 cards that form the sum of 13. For this game, K has the value 13 (so you only lift a card) and A has the value 1.


  1. Napoleon at St. Helena’s

The Emperor spent his time in prison on St. Helena Island playing cards, and this is his favorite game. You will need two decks of cards which you arrange in 10 piles of 4 cards with the face up. The rest of the cards will be placed face down and form the drawing pile.


The object of the game is to create 8 sets of Aces through Kings by removing the cards in ascending order.