Do You Send Digital or Written Holiday cards?

Christmas Cards Digital Or Written Senior CenterSending holiday cards is a great way to express our love for people who are important in our lives, but whom we cannot see during the holidays and also a great way to tell our business partners that the professional relationships we have with their firms are highly valued. Holiday cards have evolved a lot recently and nowadays they are available not only in printed versions to be sent through regular mail, but in digital versions as well, suitable for sending via emails and other forms of messaging or for sharing through social media profiles. If you are not sure which type to choose this year, here are some aspects to consider:

  • The level of personal interaction – printed cards are generally considered to be more personal, objects that one can look forward to arriving in the mailbox. Printed cards can also be placed among one’s cherished memorabilia or keepsakes;
  • The level of comfort – digital cards are certainly more comfortable to find and to send. They can also be easily personalized – many of them allow the sender to type a personal message into the card – and they offer the benefit of being instantly received by the addressee;
  • Additional features available with digital cards – many digital cards today consist not only of text and image, they are complex files that include music, too.

It’s recommended, for your loved ones at community living centers, like, that you send hand written cards for them to enjoy, and sit around their home for a constant reminder of how much they are loved.