Different Methods of Sharing Your Life Stories

Assisted Living Telling StoriesWe all carry a wealth of stories and you can hear many of them at your local Odessa assisted living communities. Funny stories or sad stories. Inspirational stories or downright creepy stories. And most of these stories are worth sharing with others. But how can you do it, with no experience in writing or speaking publicly?


Here are a few simple methods and techniques to give life and meaning to your stories:


  1. Share a Setback and How You Moved On

We all love stories about simple people who overcome obstacles and reach their goals. You most certainly have a few examples of this kind in your past. Make sure that your interlocutors understand how much the setback affected you in order to appreciate the effort it took you to get over it. Be raw and honest and you will make your point.


  1. Share Something Funny that Made You Look like a Fool

Don’t be too ashamed to tell people how you failed in a funny manner. It will make you relatable and likeable. Most importantly, people will appreciate your courage and honesty to share a story that does not put you in the best light.


  1. Tell the Story of How Your Learned Something Truly Important

These are the stories people need to hear – how you acquired wisdom, or skill, or the knowledge that shaped you as a person or as a professional in your job. They will find inspiration to seek the same knowledge and make a difference in their own lives.