Daily Habits That Can Lead to Better Health

The Parks Senior Living Daily Healthy HabitsYou don’t need to transform your lifestyle overnight to improve your health – small changes are, in fact, not only easier to implement, but also more efficient. Here are some things that you can try:

  • Have breakfast every day – mornings being very busy periods of the day, most people neglect the most important meal of the day. Start your day with some sugar-free granola, an apple, an orange or a banana and some yoghurt and you will feel instantly refreshed, full of energy and ready to face whatever the day brings you;
  • Plan your meals – determine your health improvement goals and spend some time in the weekend planning your meals for the coming week. Make a list with the products that you need for your meals and buy them all in the weekend to make sure you will not have to change the plan because of a missing ingredient;
  • Pay attention to hydration – have your bottle of water with you all the time and take a sip of it every hour, this is especially true for those staying at places like The Parks Senior Living centers and nursing homes;
  • Get moving – don’t try to run the marathon straight away. Start small, getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier and taking a long walk around the block every day.