Creativity Exercises That Are Great For Seniors

Exercise Assisted Living For SeniorsAs people age, they start to face various health problems, the body goes through changes and it gets weaker, less mobile and sometimes certain mental functions are affected too. For this reason, specialists with assisted living Tyler centers recommend that seniors remain as active as possible.

Creativity exercises have particular advantages for people of all ages.

Doctors specializing in geriatrics agree that it is very good and recommended for seniors to play an instrument. In fact, playing an instrument is great at any age because it improves cognitive flexibility by developing certain areas of the brain. Studies show that older people who have played an instrument in the last 20 years are more energetic, balanced and willing to enjoy life.

Writing is also a very useful creative exercise for seniors. Many doctors recommend handwriting as a cognitive exercise, effective in keeping the mind sharp. Handwriting activates more parts of the brain than the use of a keyboard, parts that control thinking, language and functional memory. Handwriting combines visual, motor and cognitive perception, which is why it is a much slower process, which requires more involvement than using the keyboard. Using multiple areas of the brain, both from the right and left hemispheres, handwriting is great to stimulate creativity.