Chess And Other Games Of Strategy That Keep The Mind Active

Chess Games Senior Living CentersStrategic games involve intense intellectual activity and are by far the favorites of seniors. Practicing them improves the IQ, perspective thinking, as well as math skills. Besides, the relaxation generated by these exercises for the brain determines the development of the ability to concentrate in critical situations, which can be a real benefit when you face difficult situations in life.

Highly recommended is the game of Chess, which turned to be very beneficial for the brain, reducing degenerative-neuronal conditions, such as the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. Chess involves logical thinking, the ability to analyze and, of course, a well-developed strategy. All these things are learned through exercise and attention.

Sudoku is another game that helps delaying the aging of the brain. Researchers found that people who solve Sudoku puzzles regularly perform better when it comes to memory, attention and reasoning. Improvements in results are obvious in the speed and accuracy of their memory. In some cases, the improvement is significant, the tests revealing a rejuvenation of the brain even with 8-10 years. There is not enough data yet to determine if Sudoku also reduces the risk of dementia, but researchers support the idea that solving Sudoku puzzles will keep the brain functioning well for a longer time.

You will find that a lot of the residents at enjoy these games and others as part of their daily living as part of keeping their minds active.