Celebrating Diversity In Senior Living Communities

Assisted Living CelebrationsNowadays, senior living communities are expected to be diverse and celebrate diversity in all people, regardless their cultures, religions, nationalities, lifestyles and personal choices.

Socially speaking, senior living communities are not different from other communities. They are filled with people with different backgrounds, who must respect each other and maybe some can even learn from each other.

The staff in senior living communities should be open and willing to acknowledge the differences through activities and celebrations.  There are heritage months and seasonal holidays that are great opportunities to share and experience something new, share stories, learn about other cultures and lifestyles and honor each individual even if they are not a part of the vast majority.

By exposing residents of senior communities and staff to various traditions and personal choices people do, the sense of belonging in the community grows.

The lack of respect for diversity is often what sets people apart and our relations are always better and more harmonious when we celebrate all individuals and their stories, because we get the chance to develop out empathy, identify our similarities and realize that we are not fundamentally different. This attitude is the only one who can create a more enlightened new generation, compassionate and supportive.

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