A Senior’s Guide to Social Media

Senior Living And Social MediaEach social media platform has its own features to offer, its own rules regarding usage and its own specific ways to communicate. However, social networking today is no longer a privilege of the tech-savvy younger generations – networking platforms are used by all generations, the senior age group representing a growing segment of users. Social media platforms offer lots of great benefits to seniors, they make it easier for the elderly to stay in touch with their family, to reunite with old friends and to find entertainment, so here are some of the most basic things that seniors should become familiar with to be able to use these communication and entertainment channels:

  • The profile of various platforms – some platforms are for sharing pictures, others are for chatting or for finding old and new friends. To be able to choose the most suitable platform, seniors should know the differences that distinguish each of them;
  • The device used for the communication – senior users need to learn to use their digital device before registering on the platform of choice;
  • Do’s and don’t’s – each platform has its own etiquette and rules pertaining to usage and communication via chat lines also has its own specific rules;
  • Privacy and security – seniors should understand the risks of downloading and uploading materials on social media platforms. Seniors at https://www.erseniorliving.com/meadow-lake-retirement-community-tyler-texas.aspx enjoy the secure benefits of social media.